Hawk 250 Seat Height? – FAQ

Being a Dual-Sport motorcycle, the Hawk 250 is designed to have good ground clearance, resulting in it being a tall bike. So the seat height is listed at a real tall 34.5 inches(~876mm).

Hawk 250’s Seat Height Is Too Tall?

At 34.5 inches, it can be tall to some. I have about a 30-inch inseam so I can relate.

I ride a TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle, manufactured like many Chinese Dual-sport bikes. These bikes have many interchangeable parts and a simple design to adjust the bike to customize for the rider.

On the stock shock, the preload can bed adjusted outward, causing the rear to compress more, and once in the seated position, the bike’s overall height will be lower. I am getting closer to flat footing when the bike stops.

This lowering occurs while you are on the bike, so if getting on and off the bike is still a challenge, setup up on the bike(while on the kickstand) with your left foot on the left foot peg and throw your leg over the seat.

The left foot peg will boost you to get over the bike if 34.5 inches is too high for your inseam.

What I Did To Help Lower My Bike’s Seat Height.

Now, this can affect the overall geometry of a motorcycle, so I would get help to do this step.

I lowered the front end of my TBR7 by a couple of inches at the fork. When the motorcycle came in the box, the forks were lowered initially, and I noticed how easily I could get on and off the bike.

I had missed an assembly step, so I extended the forks, significantly increasing the bike’s seat height. Now I lowered the bike’s forks by shortening the motorcycle’s forks.  

This again lowered the seat height for me to comfortably touch the ground when the bike was at a stop.

If I Go Off-Road, Increasing The Seat Height.

Now, if I do go and do some real off-road riding, I will extend both my forks and the rear shock to maximize the ground clearance, but this is because I run the bike without a skid plate.

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