Hawk 250 Oil Capacity? – FAQ

Per the Hawk 250 manual, the oil capacity is 1.1L, which 1.1 liters can be converted to 1.16 quarts.

This capacity is the ‘total’ oil capacity from a dry motorcycle engine oil sump, and this capacity is not the amount needed for oil changes. When you get to the one litter amount for each oil change of the Hawk 250, check the oil level to ensure you only add enough engine oil.

I buy my motorcycle oil by the gallon( Where To Buy Good Motorcycle Engine Oil? ). Buying oil in this amount allows for easy, cheaper oil changes( How Often Do You Need To Change Your Motorcycle Oil? ).

Easier and cheaper are vital features to making frequent oil changes.

I use measuring cups when I fill a motorcycle’s oil sump back up after an oil change. I measure out 1 quart of oil or the refill, run the engine for a moment and measure the oil on the dipstick. And it’s all good for me.

Refilling motorcycle oil with measuring cup.
I buy gallon jugs of motorcycle oil, but use a measuring cup for my Oil Fill-ups.

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