Honda Grom Salesperson No Reply? Financial Providence?

A couple of days ago, I chatted online with a motorcycle salesperson( Interested In A Honda Grom or Grom “Clone”?) . We talked about the 2022 Honda Grom with ABS and was told he would tell me the out the door price for the motorcycle. Well, no response.

Is a New Honda Grom causing financial concerns?
Was it something I said…

Am I Upset?  

No, the 2022 Honda Grom (ABS) is MSRP listed at $3599( With dealer feels, shipping, paperwork, tax, title, tags, etc., I figured I was looking at $5,000 for an out-the-door price. 

I was confirming the outdoor price of an ABS version Honda Grom, so I could figure worst-case scenario of how much I would have to have saved for the purchase.  

At about $5k, I would have thought about financing the new Honda Grom to space out the total cost over several months.

Light Bulb Time – Not A Honda Grom Check Engine Light

Not getting a salesperson responding to me is typical. Not offended.  

I can walk through a new car dealership looking at cars without being bothered. It’s amazing. I once was looking at a pickup truck sticker price and was asked to move with a loud “Excuse Me” by a salesperson. He wanted to take photos of the truck and didn’t want me in the picture.

Do I Look Poor?

Not sure what poor looks like, and I know what is messy, unkempt, or even dirty. However, I don’t think I look poor. But I don’t look like I flaunt money.

I dress in shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt in the summer, and when it’s too cold, I move to add jeans and sneakers to my wardrobe.

Wow, I am all over the place with this post. I am trying to say; I am lucky to lately not have crossed paths with pushy salespersons who act on my impulsiveness. No new car salesperson sees me as a mark and now seems the same with new motorcycle salespeople.

Ah, Winning!

Why Is This Important About The 2022 Honda Grom?

Well, I haven’t had a car payment in about five years. Car payments are like crack to the middle-class, and it slowly kills you, but you can’t kick the habit.

I kicked the habit of long-term borrowing money. I have behaved like I had a car payment but directed the cash to save and later to investments. I have been able to usually afford to pay cash for items, which has kept me out of financial trouble.  

Past financial problems in the past have taught me well.  

My point, I was gung-ho about getting the newest Honda Grom with ABS, maybe, all because of all the new features the Grom comes with this year. So much so, I was even thinking about financing the new motorcycle.

Contacting a salesperson who isn’t pushy (I guess he wants me to show up at the store to let the motorcycle sell itself).  

This delay has worked out for me. I now have more time to think about my second motorcycle. I am still leaning towards a smaller motorcycle like the Grom, and why not an actual Grom, but I will use this time to think more about the cost.  

I still have my TaoTao TBR7, so I have a motorcycle to ride when the weather warms up.

In the meantime, looking for feedback, is the Honda Grom worth it? Should I be getting a bigger motorcycle? Should I get a Grom Clone?


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