Is The New Honda Grom Worth It?

I typically overthink too much and waste time with analysis paralysis. I am rethinking what to get as my second motorcycle, and the Honda Grom seems to meet my latest desires. However, I am wondering, is the new Honda Grom worth it?

First, I have to overcome still, will I get a second motorcycle, and is the Honda Grom a good match.

Why Am I Doubting The Honda Grom?

It’s the price.

Let me explain:

When I look at the Honda Grom, I only want the features I see in the new Honda Grom. The external oil filter, the 5-speed gearbox, and ABS. 

This reasoning is because the Honda Grom holds its value. Meaning the used Groms are kind of high priced, even as used. So if I was going to spend good money for a Grom, I want all the features I could get.

So, I feel like I’m in a catch 22. 

The Grom’s hold their value, so the used Grom’s are higher priced than expected.

So, I want full features that are only available with the new Honda Grom for the price. 

I guess a new Honda Grom with ABS is almost $5,000 out the door at the motorcycle dealers.

If I am interested in spending $5,000, I can look at a larger used bike like a CB300R or even a Harley Davidson Sportster. The FB marketplace is flooded with used H-D Sportsters, and they have their own benefits.

At $5,000 out of pocket, is the New Honda Grom Worth it?

Maybe I am overthinking this, I am looking for a smaller, more nimble bike I can have run around town, and the Grom fits it. My TaoTao TBR7 has a small engine size( FAQ: TaoTao TBR7 Really a 250cc Motorcycle? ) but physically is a good size.  

Maybe I want not to spend the money, and I want to eat my cake and have it too.

Nuff said, if you want to leave a comment, please do. Do you have a Honda Grom? Do you think the new Honda Grom is worth it? Should I look for a larger used motorcycle for about the same $5,000 price instead?


FYI: I used $3599 as MSRP based on:

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