Why I Adjusted My TBR7 Motorcycle Headlight.

After you upgrade your motorcycle’s headlight to an LED bulb, one thing that becomes apparent is how misaligned it was.

TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle headlight.

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After I did the LED upgrade for my TBR7( Previous Post: TBR7 LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade), I was initially thrilled, but as the day grew shorter and my rides grew longer, the headlight was misaligned.

My headlight beam was aimed too low. The motorcycle headlight was not shining far enough ahead to light up the road properly. I don’t ride my TBR7 like a maniac, but I felt I was lowering my speed too much not to overdrive my headlight. I had to fix this headlight misalignment fast.

FYI, this is the nice thing about doing the LED headlight bulb upgrade. The headlight’s beam is so sharp now I can see when it’s out of alignment.

FAQ: Can I Upgrade MY Motorcycle Headlight To LED Without Any Modifications?

Do You Need To Adjust Your Motorcycle Headlight?


First Reason: Motorcycle Safety! Both for you and others.

With a headlight misaligned, you could be in a situation where the road isn’t illuminated enough to see hazards in the street. This problem can result in hitting obstacles or underestimating road conditions.

TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle stock headlight.
Stock Motorcycle headlight dull, so aimed lower toward road.

Also, your motorcycle isn’t as visible to others coming at you head-on with a misaligned headlight. Having a single headlight, other drivers judge us as cars that are so far away their headlights appear as one.

TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle upgraded headlight.
Upgraded LED motorcycle headlight bright, and needs to be aimed down.

Even when other drivers see us, they misjudge distances because we only have one headlight. A misaligned headlight pointing down or too far up can make us less noticeable at a distance overall. This setup is dangerous.

Second Reason: Be A Courteous Rider!

Misaligned headlights that shine in the eyes of other drivers are rude and obnoxious. Align the headlights.

A couple of forum posts I read was where the author said they aligned their motorcycle (Hawk 250, TBR7, Raven 250, etc.) when they built the motorcycle, but after the led headlight upgrade, they noticed people were flashing headlights at them when riding.

The LED can be a brighter/whiter light than the regular incidence bulbs. That was the intention of my led headlight upgrade, see better and be seen better. The beam changes with the light source, so after an led bulb upgrade, check your headlight for alignment.

TaoTao TBR7 Headlight adjustment bolt.
Bolt under motorcycle headlight, up and down adjustment.

OK, now that reasons are relatively easy to understand, time to adjust the motorcycle headlight beam. These steps are how I adapt my TBR7’s headlight alignment, but it should work for all the Chinese Dual-sport motorcycle clones/cousins like the RPS Hawk 250, Bashan Brozz 250, and the Raven 250.

OK, now that the reasons are relatively easy to understand(at least in my head), it’s time to adjust the motorcycle headlight beam.

The following post will have the steps I used to adjust my TBR7 motorcycle headlight’s alignment, but it should also work for all the Chondas like the RPS Hawk 250 and Bashan Brozz 250, and the Raven 250.

My Other Post: Motorcycle Headlight Beam Adjustment.

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Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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