My Motorcycle Heavy Duty Clutch Springs Upgrade Review.

Now that I’ve done the upgrade(TBR7 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Clutch Springs Replaced) and got the chance to ride around on my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle, I can have a reasonable opinion about the heavy-duty clutch spring upgrade I did.

EBC Heavy Duty Clutch Springs in package.
The Motorcycle Heavy Duty Clutch Springs I Upgraded to: EBC Heavy Duty Clutch Springs.

Short Clutch Spring Upgrade Review Answer:

I like it!  

I wish I had upgraded my clutch springs when I first changed my TBR7. ( TBR7 Motorcycle Clutch Replacement)

You can feel the difference immediately. The clutch feels engaging well; the feedback with the stiffer springs isn’t too much on the hand but enough to let you know how well the clutch is engaging.

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Current Prices: EBC Clutch Spring Set – CSK41

Long Clutch Spring Upgrade Review Answer:

Reason for upgrading clutch springs to heavy-duty versions.

I felt the motorcycle clutch was constantly slipping. Now it wasn’t something I could see, but it felt like it was happening.

When I twisted the throttle, I could hear an increase in engine speed, but my TBR7 motorcycle speed didn’t seem to increase as much, like there was a delay in power making it to the rear tire.

Now was the clutch slipping? No, I never felt the clutch slipping because I could prove it. RPMS and speed increased, and I never saw anything suggesting otherwise.

However, the clutch lockup didn’t feel solid, and this seemed enforced by a soft clutch handle like the stock springs were easy to compress.

Well, that’s why I wanted a more solid clutch engagement feeling, whether my clutch was slipping. So came along the idea of heavy-duty clutch springs.

What Is The Difference Between Standard And Motorcycle Heavy Duty Clutch Springs?

I laid the stock springs and the heavy-duty clutch springs side-by-side, and I was no outside dimensions difference. 

Heavy-duty clutch spring next to stock clutch spring.
Clutch springs’ heights the same, but look at the coil wire thickness differences.

The spring outside diameter and heights were the same.

What was visible, the wires that make up the coils on the heavy-duty clutch springs were thicker. I didn’t measure this with a caliper, but the beefier coils were noticeable.

What Is Objectively Different Is The Weight.

Comparing weight of heavy duty clutch springs to standard clutch springs.
Side by side motorcycle clutch springs, ready for weighing. Note size similarities.
Weight of standard clutch spring.
TBR7’s stock motorcycle clutch spring, 15g.

The stock motorcycle clutch springs weighed: 15 grams.

Weight of heavy duty clutch spring.
Upgraded heavy duty motorcycle clutch spring, 16.4g.

While the heavy-duty clutch springs weighed: 16.4 grams.

If weight is directly proportional to material, this is an 9.3 percent increase in steel.

Are Stiffer Clutch Springs Better?

Not only did I feel a more positive engagement, but get this a couple of times; I had the front wheel lifting by surprise.

Doing wheelies isn’t proof, but how easily the wheel came up without trying gave a good sense of a solid clutch engagement with the new springs.

What Do Heavier Clutch Springs Do To Clutch Feel?

Operation of the clutch was ‘harder’ but not hard.  

I could feel the clutch springs resisting the clutch lever but felt no hand fatigue.

I was getting more feedback from the motorcycle clutch, which I appreciated.

What Are The Effects Of Heavy-duty Springs?

The motorcycle clutch lever is stiffer. 

So, What Do Stiffer Clutch Springs Do? Just a feeling now, but that is precisely what the stiffer clutch springs are doing, giving me the sense of a more solid clutch lockup.

The friction zone also starts a little earlier, but if you don’t like this, you can adjust the clutch lever to have the friction zone move around.

So, Are Heavy-duty Clutch Springs Good?

Suppose you go to this section of the post. In that case, I have a very positive result from doing the heavy-duty motorcycle clutch spring upgrade.  

With time, I will add to this post if anything else develops as I ride the motorcycle, but for now, the upgrade was well worth it.

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

Current Prices: EBC Clutch Spring Set – CSK41

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