Motorcycle Speedometer Stopped Working – My Poor TBR7.

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One day riding home from a quick joy ride, yes, all motorcycle rides are joy rides, I noticed my speedometer needle stuck at zero. This post is a recap of a few days of learning how a motorcycle speedometer works and why my TBR7 motorcycle speedometer was not working. With some research, I found the major causes of why is my speedometer not working on my motorcycle and how to fix those causes:

The leading cause for motorcycle speedometer failures is a failure in the sensor mechanism. If you have a mechanical sensor, a cable, mostly the speedometer cable, is broken. If you have an electrical sensor, a sender, most likely you have a blown a fuse. Both can be easy DIY fixes.

My TaoTao TBR7, like many motorcycles and especially its Chonda-Cousins: RPS Hawk 250, Brozz 250, and Raven 250’s have mechanical speed sensors. There is a speedometer cable that runs down to the front wheel axle.

Because there are so many Hawk 250 speedometers that have broken in the past, I found great information on how to diagnose and fix my TBR7’s speedometer.

Was My Motorcycle’s Speedometer Cable Was Broken?

Quick look at the cable housing, and it was easy to tell the ends of the speedometer cable. The TBR7, like its Chinese Cousins Hawk 250, etc., has a speed sensor on the front wheel. The speedometer runs up on the right fork up to the actual speedometer. From this, I could do an easy check to see why my speedometer was not working. Still not sure if it’s a cable problem or my speedometer is broken. We need to do more investigation. However, this might be why is my speedometer not working on my motorcycle.

Time To Lift The Front Wheel And Check The Speedometer Cable.

Note: Motorcycle Safety First.

Ensure the motorcycle is always stable, preventing falls and injuries. Always ensure the motorcycle is electrically safe, turn off the ignition key, hit the kill switch, and disconnect the battery as needed. Thank you!

Yes, I jacked up the motorcycle using my superb motorcycle lift jack (<== My Previous Post), ensuring the front wheel was off the ground. I spun the front wheel by hand, yes I was careful, and the speedometer didn’t budge. I was listening for grinding sounds or metallic clicks, but nothing.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Motorcycle Speedometer Cable?

Once I figured the speedometer cable was broken, the next thing that went through my head was, how much does it cost to fix a motorcycle speedometer cable?

The more difficult realization is the TBR7 is a cheap Chinese Dual-Sport motorcycle. This motorcycle will fail, and things will break, and I have to get used to replacing items with better parts and teaching myself how to work on motorcycles.

The primary reason I purchased it was it was my first riding season. If I wrecked the motorcycle while learning, having a cheap motorcycle was less painful than an expensive motorcycle.  

Now little things on the bike are starting to act up and even fail, and I don’t want this motorcycle to become a money pit.

As I said before, I am glad after a few web searches about why my motorcycle speedometer is not working. I found that TBR7’s, Hawk 250’s, and other Chinese motorcycles were notorious for breaking their speedometer cables early in their life. Better yet, an easy fix and a cheap one too.

What Is The Motorcycle Speedometer Cable Price?

I had two choices, go with a specific TaoTao oriented supplier for the speedometer cable, or use an after-market speedometer cable maker. I was not happy with the condition of the stock speedometer cable, the premature failure, and the ‘gunk’ I found on the cable. I chose to avoid going with a TaoTao specific product and went after-market.

I had mixed results with just ordering an after-market speedometer cable. I originally ordered this cable from Amazon. BTW, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases you made using my Amazon Links.

Click to check for current prices: Speedometer Cable Kit.

After I ordered it, I read the order confirmation a little closer; it was going to take several days for the item to get to me. So I decided to try something new, also order through Cycle Gear.

I have a local Cycle Gear shop not too far away, and I like browsing their items. I went online and ordered the same speedometer cable, skipped the free shipping, and had it delivered to my local Cycle Gear Shop. I ordered it on Tuesday, and I got a message the next day the cable was waiting at the Cycle Gear Shop. 1-day turnaround. I was amazed.

FYI, I never canceled the original Amazon Speedometer cable replacement. I recall the prices were the same for both cables; I just stored the second cable away for future speedometer failures.

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19 Jan 2022 Update:

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The Cycle Gear near me is a great store, and I believe one near you will also be a great store for you to get motorcycle gear and items both as a newbie and a seasoned rider. I will not compromise my humble and personal option and review the service and products I purchased with my own money to remain their affiliate partner.

Again, Cycle Gear is a great store, and I hope you all get a chance to visit one, or at least visit their online store at: www.CycleGear.Com (Not An Affiliate Link).

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