Well, It Happened; SRK Cycles Is Gone From Pa.

Information Sean shared about SRK Cycles and this decision to leave is in his video: I’ve Been Keeping A Secret From All Of You. Is SRK Cycles is gone, for real?

Was SRK Cycles Closing A Surprise?

Well, per Sean, no.  

He had a two-year plan to leave Pennsylvania, venture out to another state, and re-open another motorcycle dealership out of State.  

He was leaving the original SRK Cycles in place in Pennsylvania. He pointed out that uncertainty of the business and brand seems to cause accelerated attrition where his original SRK Cycles is closing.

How many of you people Google: “Did Craig leave Bikes And Beards?” or “What happened to SRK Cycles?” We all have noticed changes in their online presence.

The videos created by SRK Cycles and Beards and Bikes YT videos were ‘missing’ some familiar faces as time progressed.

So, leaving the State a surprise, no. He said this was a two-year plan. Closing SRK Cycles: this seemed unplanned, so this was planned, I guess.

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Sean’s Reasons SRK Cycles Is Gone From Pa.

In his video, Sean lists some business reasons, even personal, that affected his decision to leave.

Note: This blog is about my motorcycle experiences, but parts of this post will allow me to share some business experiences I typically research for my other blog, GrowingPigs.Com. A blog about no work towards financial independence.  

Sean’s post about SRK Cycle’s business plan sparked my business/investment side, and I am sharing my feelings here.

Why Is SRK Cycles Closed In Pa? Sean’s Reasons:

Pennsylvania Taxes Were Getting Crazy

Yes, everyone looks at Pa’s income tax of about 3%+ and thinks, wow, that’s not enough to relocate a whole family and business dream.

Pa has a secret I learned when I moved my companies over here; yes, I live in Pa. Pa has a basket load of taxes and fees that aren’t common knowledge.

My 3% state income tax is added to my 1% local tax(in some places, it’s 1.5% earned income tax). And up till a few years ago, I had to pay an occupation tax, a tax imposed on you based on your job. I learned this tax was a fee the Crown(Yes, England’s monarchy) charged to have certain occupations in the kingdom.

What tax was left over after the Revolutionary War? (Example: https://www.pasd.com/departments/business_office/occupation_tax ) Feel free to comment on this and other issues the Independent State still imposes on their citizens after our fight for independence.

Regarding the business side, there are numerous local and State business fees, filing fees, etc. Pa does nickel and dime the regular citizen, and worse for businesses. Why do I get advice to move future businesses to Delaware and only license them to PA for a net zero income? Those who are tax-savvy might understand this advice.

The point is that Pa needs to be more business-friendly. The bottom half of this Forbes list: https://www.forbes.com/best-states-for-business/list/#tab:overall  

So I agree with this reason if growing a business is his only reason.

The Pa Pension Plan Was Getting Crazy, and the state wasn’t able to really afford it.

Understanding how the current tax system could be more business-friendly, especially for new and growing businesses, you must realize Sean’s claim here:

The State is spending more on benefits for their employees that outpaces the growth of both personal and business income for the State.

This implies since governments tell us to ‘tighten our belts” [because of forced starvation imposed on the working class], the government doesn’t know how to tighten its own belt since it was never forced to do so, it seems.

This implies taxes and fees in Pennsylvania will grow at a rate that might drive people and businesses out of the State.

Motorcycling is a ‘luxury’ sport, IMHO. So, if people have to pay more to live in Pa, fewer people will have less money for hobbies like motorcycling. Pa’s motorcycle customer base will decline under this assumption.

The Pennsylvania Riding Weather.

Now Pa weather isn’t ‘bad’; we have all four seasons. This is more of a motorcycle than a general business issue.

With winter, it’s not a surprise that the motorcycle-riding crowd shrinks. Motorcycles are for more excellent weather and less snow-covered roads. 

When a nice day shows up during winter, everyone breaks out their bikes, testing the riding weather. Often, we only park our bikes for weeks, waiting for spring to come. 

So, riding days in PA are likely fewer than in southern states.

Sean's rock crawler, some good YT videos of it.

Where Is Sean Taking SRK Cycles?

He mentions Tennessee.

I’m a little jealous; I have friends in Tennessee and would like to visit there more. Also, many of Sean’s Pennsylvania complaints don’t exist down in Tennessee, or at least they are minimized. What I’ve seen in Tennessee.

Tennessee has fantastic weather.

Tennessee has excellent scenery for motorcycle riding.

Tennessee doesn’t have a personal income tax( https://www.cnbc.com/select/states-with-no-income-tax/ ), so you can keep more of what you earn and invest more in the future. Creating a more fantastic future for everyone.

Tennessee has seen more considerable growth in business from many companies related to the State, which leads to higher employment and incomes.  

FYI, Tennessee is listed at #7 in this article about business-friendly US states: https://www.forbes.com/best-states-for-business/list/#tab:overall  

With all these factors, a motorcycle-related business should do well, depending on who’s at the helm.  

Is Sean the right Captain for the ship he wants to build and sail? Post your comment.

SRK Cycles will be missed, and another Entrepreneur is leaving the State, Poor Pa.

So What Does This Mean For The Bikes and Beards/SRK Cycle Channel?

This is purely based on my opinion from continuing to watch these channels and the new start-up, The Bearded Mechanic, Craig’s new channel.

There needs to be more entertainment quality. Suppose this is the direction Craig wants to go. However, an educational direction would provide a wealth of information that better suits his style and satisfies me as a learner.

However, we know that money is making people laugh, not smarter. 😀

Let’s admit, Craig and Sean alone are less entertaining than they are together, working off each other’s personalities like Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Peanut Butter, and Jelly. 

Well, you get the hint.

Craig has even used guests on his channel, and partnered with others on theirs, to have another personality to bounce off of, and it’s an improvement.

However, he will have someone recklessness and over the top like Sean to compliment each other.

I plan to watch all the YT channels, but this is now. We’ll see what time tells us.

What are your comments? Do you see a change in the quality of Sean’s material? Is Craig having his own channel a good addition?

Thank you. This post has been my opinion. I reserve the right to change/upgrade as I watch SRK Cycle’s transition to a new location.

Good Luck Sean, Good Luke Craig.

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