Time To Upgrade My TBR7’s Stock Chain?

In my typical web surfing activity about Chinese dual-sports like my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle and the well-known RPS Hawk 250 motorcycle. I found some bizarre online posts about their stock motorcycle chains. There are owners of these motorcycles complaining about rapid stock chain failure. I decided to search further, and here is what I found.

Motorcycle riding has its inherent dangers, premature chain failure one of them?

Are These Stock Chain Failures Premature?

Is there enough information suggesting the chain failures are premature? Are the chains failing from lack of owner maintenance? Are these stock motorcycle chains faulty out of the box? I don’t know.

I couldn’t find a pattern of information about these chain failures. Information is so spotty, and I don’t remember anything specific to the posted information.

What Have I Learned About The Chain Failures?

I learned one thing, chain failure is dangerous. People posted photos of the front sprocket case broken, snapped wires, and of course, broken chains. Information is very limited, but the stories and pictures are compelling.

I typically do good maintenance on my TBR7. I am checking chain tension/slack. Lubricating when needed. I am also cleaning the chain occasionally to keep the chain healthy. I have found nothing suggesting my TBR7 stock chain is failing. However, posts I read suggested there was no warning before chain failure.

What I Have Figured.

I have posted in the past, and I am concerned about how ‘soft’ the metal is on essential parts. Example: rear sprocket stud nuts made challenging to remove. Hate to say it, those posts have me concerned, and I started looking at replacing the TBR7’s stock chain. I ordered the chain replacement today and will keep you up to date.

FYI: I plan to continue to search for additional information about the TBR7’s and Hawk 250’s stock chains (TBR7 vs Hawk 250). If there is any truth behind the flawed motorcycle chains problem, I’ll post a follow-up. For now, I couldn’t find an actual pattern of systemic failures but I did see enough photos of damaged chains to order a new chain. Thank you.

Post About Rear Sprocket Stud Nuts: My Rear Sprocket Changing Tips: TBR7 Hawk 250.

Update Post: New TBR7 Replacement Chain Has Arrived!

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