Well, My TBR7’s New Racing CDI Came In.

Much of the online motorcycle upgrade information for these Chonda motorcycles(The TaoTao TBR7, Hawk 250, Raven 250, etc.) is from posts about the Hawk 250 motorcycle( Need TBR7 help? ).

In my never-ending quest to get more power out of my TBR7 bike, I found Hawk 250 owners bragging about how they upgraded their CDIs to “Racing CDI’s,” and I found the type everyone was talking about.

So I bought it, and it wasn’t originally on my TBR7 upgrade to-do list.

This Racing CDI upgrade should be the last part of my total racing-themed ignition system upgrade I just did to the TBR7

My New Motorcycle “Racing” CDI

According to the forum posts and its product page, this CDI is a “Racing CDI” product. This CDI is supposed to increase overall performance, measured by increased speed.  

Now I bought this, so it seems I did buy into that it works. But can it? How does it? I still have many questions that might be meaningless if the CDI works after I get around to installing.

Will I Get A 5-10 MPH increase?

As the product page said, I will get an increase in speed. It listed an increase in the speed of my ‘bicycle,’ not motorcycle. Typo?

Let me explain the thoughts that went through my head.

What Is A Motorcycle CDI?

CDI is an abbreviation for Capacitive Discharge Ignition. It’s a method to store and discharge energy into the spark plug at the most reasonable time to extract the most power from the fuel.

FYI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_discharge_ignition

What Is The Purpose Of A CDI In A Motorcycle?

A CDI controls the motorcycle’s combustion by controlling energy delivery to the spark plug. It ‘fires’ the spark plug when it is time in the engine cycle to ignite the fuel and extract its energy.

Why Is This CDI Special? Or, Racing?

Well, online product information suggests this CDI removes the high-speed limiter.  

More RPMs = More Speed, Right?

Also, the product is supposed to adjust the timing of the ignition to extract more power from the fuel at higher RPMs.

More Power = More Speed, Right?

hmmmm….. Maybe?

Is A Performance CDI Worth It?

If the CDI is tuned to advance the ignition timing and increase the RPM limit, the engine can create more power that can be translated into a higher speed/torque for the motorcycle.

Does This CDI Increase Speed?

If the CDI allows for higher RPMs, higher RPMs are transferred to the rear wheel via the chain. Higher RPMs at the rear wheel mean higher speeds for the motorcycle—an increase in the motorcycle’s top speed.

Does The Name “Racing CDI” Mean Anything?

No. It’s a label, and I couldn’t find anything that regulates what you can label ‘racing’ on a product. It may be other than commonsense, like if it is used in racing sports. I might own a “racing air freshener” in my car, but it’s just a product name or label. So, who knows????

Are All CDI Devices The Same Then?

No, some are tuned for different purposes. Some CDI’s are fixed and do not adjust for ignition timing. Some CDI’s seem more fuel economy-focused, while others are more ‘racing-oriented. Some have RPM limits, while others don’t. Because of this, CDI’s should be matched to motor’s use and driver’s needs.

If So Many Unknowns, Why Buy The CDI?

It was cheap, and I do like the opportunity to work on my TBR7 motorcycle, with the potential of it resulting in better performance.

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New motorcycle CDI for my TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle.

Check for yourself: Click For Current Price.

Also, this Racing CDI upgrade is supposed to be an easy install for the TBR7 motorcycle. Many Hawk 250 motorcycle owners posted the stock CDI 6pin adapter is easy to disconnect and easy to connect the new CDI to the motorcycle.

From YT videos, everyone likes watching the red led blink rate change with the throttle position change. Not sure why, but I plan to find out( Is The Aftermarket CDI Worth It? ). 😀

I might be putting my hope into fairy-tales and unicorn tears, but I still see potential in the TBR7’s small engine.

Wish me luck, and if you have experience with these CDI’s or just feedback, please leave a comment below.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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