TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Tool Storage Upgrade.

I finally got around to doing my TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Tool Storage Upgrade, using a motorcycle storage tube I bought off Amazon. I posted how I wasn’t fond of the stock tool storage options in the past. Even talked about how the storage container just failed. (Hawk 250 Storage Options For My TBR7? Burrito Tubes?)

As I upgrade my TBR7 bike, I plan on taking the motorcycle on longer and longer trips. These upgrades have been problematic since I keep pushing my TBR7 to do more, resulting in overheating higher speeds for longer runs. I keep pushing my TBR7 to do much more than I believe it was designed for.

Well, I’ve fouled out spark plugs before, after making carb adjustments. A simple operation of carrying a simple spark plug wrench and a wire brush for infield cleaning of the spark plug isn’t doable in the stock storage tube. So I need to increase the usable space for tools. I need to carry all the time on my TBR7, which requires upgrading the current tool storage options.

FYI, since the Hawk 250 and Brozz 250 share much of their frame design with the TBR7, this upgrade might be a nice upgrade for your motorcycle. Chonda-Cousins unite!!! If you do this upgrade, I would love to hear from actual Hawk 250 and Brozz 250 owners. Leave a comment.

Is This Storage Upgrade Going To Damage The Motorcycle?


The storage upgrade does very little to the motorcycle, and if this works out, I might make a more permanent upgrade to it. I used a wire tie to try it out for now. If I make this storage option more hard-core, I will post a follow-up post.

The Motorcycle Storage Tube Option I Used.

I used a ‘burrito tube.’ Something that looks like a coffee thermos that mounts to your motorcycle. These tubes are so cool; I only needed one but ordered a pair. It’s cheaper per tube this way, and I figure I can find a use for the second tube.

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My Actual Storage Upgrade Steps

Removal Of The “Old” Stock TBR7 Toolbox.

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This step involves removing both bolts. These bolts are located on the top and bottom.

Old stock TBR7 motorcycle tool box mount.
TBR7’s Tool Storage Tube Mounting Bolts.

Now, look at the stock toolbox. It was amazing how poorly it stayed closed but look inside. There is a drain hole in the bottom. Even TaoTao knew this stock toolbox wasn’t water-tight. 🙁

Stock TaoTao storage box inside that came with TBR7.
Drain hole found in bottom of stock TBR7 tool storage tube.
Side by side size comparison of TBR7 storage containers.
With stock storage tube removed, can compare new storage to the stock one.

Install The “New” Burrito Tube.

1.- Remove the Burrito Tube Cap.

Doing this allows for full access to the upper mounting holes.

2.- Loosely, Mount The Lower End Of The Burrito Tube.

I reused one of the bolts in the lower portion and Loosely installed it.

A couple of precautions here with this lower mounting bolt:

  • You are mounting a plastic item, so don’t go crazy torquing it down. Don’t torque down at this step.
  • Use blue thread-locker. I use this as much as possible for items I want to stay together.
Lower mount for new storage tube.
As you can see, I used the lower of the two mounting holes.

3.- Positioned The Burrito Tube In The Final Position.

I positioned the storage tube how I wanted to install it. Then I mentally marked where I wanted to mount the upper portion. 

Dry fitting new storage burrito tube.
I replaced the cap to roughly position the burrito tube and find how I wanted to mount it.

4.- Mount Top Of Burrito Tube.

As I said, this was going to be quick, so I used a heavy-duty wire tie. I fished the wire tie over the frame and backed down. Then brought the ends together after running it through one of the burrito tube’s upper mounting holes.

Cap off burrito tube.
Cap off, and mounting holes on burrito tube visible.
Setting up wire tie for upper mounting of storage burrito tube.
Lowered the burrito tube and fished a wire tie over the frame. Bad pic, sorry.
Wire tie holding burrito storage tube.
Under side of the motorcycle, I didn’t cut the end of the wire tie. Using to gauge any slippage.
Burrito storage tube installed on TBR7 motorcycle, cap off.
Side view of burrito tube wire tied.

5.- Tighten The Lower Storage Tube Mounting Bolt.

Again, you are tightening a metal fastener on a plastic item. Got easy, but make sure it’s secure.

Now Your New Burrito-tube storage container is installed.

Burrito storage tube installed on TBR7 motorcycle.  Nice.
Burrito Tube Installed, now larger storage area for everyday TBR7 needs.

Fill it up with the stock TBR7 tools, paperwork, and whatever else you might need. This storage upgrade adds additional storage room.

Good luck with it, and I plan on posting a follow-up review with my final thoughts. Remember, this was a quick upgrade, so a short post.  

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

Click Here: Waterproof Motorcycle Tools Tube Storage Organizer.

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