Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount Under $20 I found.

I needed a motorcycle phone mount. Being a Dad with teens, I usually use my Fit-bit Charge 4 to monitor my Samson android phone for messages. Should I get that proverbial “Hey, Dad, I need help with…” However, when I was on the motorcycle, I found the gloves interfered with my ability to read messages. Rather than make it easy for me, I decided to make a challenge and search for the best budget motorcycle handlebar phone mount and under $20!

No, I am not texting while riding; when I stop, I like to look down and see if I got any messages from the kids.

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Now, if you are just here to see what I ordered, here it is:

How Can I Mount My Phone Without A Motorcycle Mount?

Yes, this came to my mind. Not that motorcycle phone mounts are all expensive, just that this is a TaoTao TBR7, and I figured I would get cheap on its upgrades.  

As I thought about it, no matter how much duct tape I used, it would look trashy and leave adhesive on my phone. I thought about getting a separate cheap cellphone case and hose clamping that to the motorcycle handlebars, but again, trashy, and the phone could pop out.

So, should I change my phone case? Should I pop my phone back and forth from phone cases to get the phone mounted on the bike cheaply? This thinking doesn’t make sense, even when trying to stay on a budget with my TBR7.

Do DIY Motorcycle Mounts Damaged Phones?

Well, if I plan it, they do. I had to think about how cheap I was and expand my budget for this upgrade.

Then it hit me. I wasn’t upgrading my TBR7 motorcycle; I was upgrading my riding experience. By getting a motorcycle phone mount, I could better focus on the road, and the ride, rather than wondering if I felt buzzing from my pocket.

So, I started looking for the best cheap motorcycle phone mount.  

Here is my convoluted mental journey:

Now What I Was Looking For In A Motorcycle Phone Mount.

I had to ask myself a few questions about using the cell phone mount to plan out this upgrade and purchase.

Before I honestly answer, what should I look for in a bike phone mount? I should figure out how I plan to use my cellphone on the motorcycle.

Where Do I Plan To Keep My Phone On the Motorcycle?

I want the phone in full view. Therefore I want it on the motorcycle handlebars, close to the instrument cluster, without blocking it.

I saw other people putting phone mounts on the center of their motorcycle handlebars, blocking their instrument cluster, stating they use their phone also as a speedometer.  

Now I trust GPS speed readings more than the TBR7’s mechanical speedometer, but I want to see other indications on the dash. Especially the turn signal indicator, too many times, I was riding for a while without knowing my blinker was on. What a door.

Just in case, I have no love for the speedometer TaoTao motors put on the TBR7, but I took the time to fix it and want to use it. My Motorcycle Speedometer Was Not Working! – (Fixed TBR7)

So it is settled that the phone will be mounted on the handlebars, between the instrument cluster and handlebar grips. Not sure if left or right on the handlebars, but that will come when I get the phone mount and try it out.

Orientation Of The Phone Mount.

I planned to do more than check messages on my phone. I’ve made no long-distance travels on the TBR7 motorcycle, but I’m sure it will be part of motorcycle ownership as I go forward.

So I wanted a phone mount I could see for both messages and be used as a GPS navigation setup.

The mount would have to be on the handlebars so it’s both accessible and visible at a glance. The mount would have to be movable such that I can angle the phone to see in the sun and turn it horizontal for map reading.

Future Plans For My Phone Mount.

As I thought more and more about long-distance trips on my motorcycle and the need to see a map, I realized the GPS function of my cellphone eats up battery time. I would have to figure out how to charge the cellphone from my motorcycle after I mounted it.

So to do this, I had to revisit where to mount the cellphone; the handlebars seem the most logical and how to get power routed to it. Right now, I know battery tender connectors can be paired with USB ports to charge cellphones on a motorcycle, but tender cables are usually too short. (insert joke here).

This problem doesn’t stop me from getting a custom battery tender cable, but I have to plan what type of phone holder to buy, and I will need one where I can still access the USB charging port of my cellphone when it’s mounted in the holder.  

So I did. I kept the future of charging my phone on the handlebars was going to be a future upgrade and was selecting phone mounts that allow for charging while riding the motorcycle.  

After figuring out how to do so safely, I plan to update this blog on how I got charging service to my cellphone mount.

Update: Completed adding a USB Cellphone Charger and How I did it – How to Install a USB Phone Charger For A Motorcycle.

Trying To Learn From My Past Riding Experiences.

Now I’ve mountain biked for decades. A significant upgrade, more a toy, was adding a ride tracker tool. Tiny speedometer with odometer, calorie counter, etc. I thought that was fun, but I have to admit I paid too much. Meaning I paid for features that I never really used after unboxing. 

I plan to purchase a budget cellphone mount first, then figure out what I like and dislike, and possibly upgrade the mount later.

For those more experienced riders out there, I have these long-term questions for you:

Where do you keep your phone on a motorcycle?

How do you carry your phone on a motorcycle?

Do motorcycle mounts damaged phones? If so, how do you eliminate damage to the phone? Bigger mounts?

Again, I came up with this really budget motorcycle handlebar phone mount. The best I found for under $20

I appreciate your feedback and will check back later to learn what I learned about this cellphone mount.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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