My Boom Vader Gen 2 Will Stay Stock, For Now, Except?

I planned to keep my new Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc motorcycle as stock as possible through the new motorcycle break-in period. I want to enjoy the performance and feel of the Boom Vader with no upgrades for a while.  

What Is Going To Be My Boom Vader’s First Upgrade?

However, I plan to change from my stock 125cc motorcycle is the oil( Boom Vader 125 Oil Change (Stock Motorcycle) ). Yes, the Boom Vader Gen 2 comes with oil, but I’m concerned about the quality or condition of that oil after just sitting in the tiny 125cc engine sump for a long time.  

Why My First Upgrade To Boom Vader Before Break-in Period

We all heard about the supply chain slow down and ships sitting off California for months, exposing all containers to the sun, salt and humidity. Well, my Chinese 125cc motorcycle might have been one of those items overexposed with salty warm moisture.  

Therefore, I’m sure you are asking, if changing, or as I like to think, upgrading the engine oil, what am I going with?

What I Learned About Chinese Motorcycle Oil.

The first thing I learned is motorcycle oil is a hot topic for fellow Chonda owners, and just read the forums or the YT comments.

  • Leave the shipping oil in or out?
  • Conventional motorcycle oil or synthetic motorcycle oil?
  • How many miles between oil changes during a break-in?
  • What is the length of the break-in period?

My fellow Chonda owners are passionate about the oil they use in their motorcycles.

The second thing I learned about motorcycle oil specific to Chinese motorcycles is FortNine. His YT channel is a great place to learn more about motorcycles. He has a different viewpoint on topics but is unsure if that is just for video content.

I watched a video he created about the oil quality at the first oil change for new motorcycles. He broke the motorcycle manufacturers up into groups of geographical areas. China, Japan, Italy.

Watch his video here:

The result of his testing was the amount of foreign material in the oil from Chinese manufactured motorcycles is horrendous. This material shouldn’t be there, and a strong reason why I am immediately upgrading my Boom Vader to better oil.

What Are My Boom Vader Gen 2 Oil Plans?

As I assemble the Boom Vader 125cc Gen 2 motorcycle, I will drain the shipping oil and fill it up with my favorite conventional motorcycle oil. Shell Rotella T4.

Shell Rotella T4 oil planned for my Boom Vader 125cc Gen 2 motorcycle.
Boom Vader Gen 2 Motorcycle’s Planned First Oil, Shell Rotella T4.

I picked up a gallon of Shell Rotella T4 ( Boom Vader Oil Type – FAQ ) and figured after about four oil changes(including replacing the shipping oil) ( What Is The Boom Vader 125cc Oil Capacity? ) will cover the Boom Vader Gen 2’s break-in period.

This Chonda Owner Is Also Oil Biased Too.

I tried other oils and read about different motorcycle owner experiences, but Rotella seems to work for me. I recommend it to others to research and find if they like it.  My previous post about motorcycle oil: Best TBR7 and Hawk 250 Break-in Oil.

This motorcycle oil is cheap and can be found at Auto Zone and Walmart, and the 1-gallon containers work so well with motorcycle oil changes.

This Boom Vader Gen 2 Upgrade Makes Sense.

With my planned upgrades, I will focus on performance increases, and even reliability. By changing the stock oil out immediately, I am upgrading the lifespan of my Boom Vader 125cc Gen 2 motorcycle.

If you have different opinions, what motorcycle oil you use, or if I should have kept the shipping oil, just comment below. I would love to read your feedback.

Problems With Keeping The Boom Vader Stock.

Changing the motor oil in the little 125cc engine isn’t an upgrade, and we all know the Boom Vader, like many Grom Clone motorcycles, comes geared very low.

With low gearing, running the little engine at high RPMs is necessary to even ride at low speeds. These higher-than-expected RPMs might affect many of my tests, while keeping the motorcycle stock might help with many of my tests:

Boom Vader Gen 2 Motorcycle Stock Tests:

Boom Vader Gen 2 Motorcycle Upgrade Tests:

There are other tests and reviews you would like to see while my Boom Vader is still in stock; drop a comment below.

I am interested in thoroughly testing my Boom Vader motorcycle so others can learn from my experiences.

All before even upgrading my motorcycle, this will also create a way to review how much upgrades add to the performance and reliability of the bike.

Thanks, Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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