My Stock Boom Vader’s Top Speed Test (A 125cc Engine).

In my Boom Vader Gen 2 Motorcycle’s 100 mile review ( Boom Vader 125cc Review: First 100 Miles! ), I posted the speed the speedometer displayed verse the indicated RPMs.

I felt the speed was off enough for that review; today, I slapped a new cell phone mount onto the Boom Vader Gen 2’s handlebars and decided to do some top speed tests. A cellphone mount like the one I installed on my TaoTao TBR7 Dual-Sport Motorcycle: Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount (Under $20!)

Motorcycle cell phone holder in box., mounted a GPS for my Boom Vader Top Speed Tests.
New Cellphone Holder For Doing GPS Top Speed Tests On My Boom Vader.

I speed tested my stock Boom Vader 125cc’s top speed with a GPS speed app. This way, I got the actual speed of this Grom Clone, not what the motorcycle speedometer claims.

So How Fast Can 125cc Motorcycle Go

I was anxious, too, to find out how fast my Boom Vader, with a stock 125cc engine, could go. Still, I had to prepare the bike for the test by breaking it in and mine for the results—understanding the conditions under which I tested my motorcycle.

My Boom Vader 125cc Top Speed Test Conditions:

For those asking why my speed tests are lower than some Boom Vader motorcycle speed tests posted on YT and Chinese bike forums, here is why.

Here are a couple of things I want to get out of the way before I reveal my results:

1.- The Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle is still being broken in.  

So others might say this test isn’t valid since it’s told that as the pistons seal in, the motorcycle gains more power. I am not doing acceleration tests; I am just maxing out the RPMs. The max RPMs indicated should be the same regardless of the bike’s break-in period.

2.- I will be testing on flat runs of roads.  

I was told that if you do a constant speed if the road isn’t level, you get a lower speed reading on GPS due to altitude changes. Just in case, I’ll stick to level roads for this speed test.

3.- I will test with more than one cellphone GPS speed app.

I will mainly test with a GPS speedometer app but then do a backup check of speeds with Waze, a GPS-based popular navigation app.

4.- My Boom Vader Gen 2 Engine Is Stock And Only 125cc’s!

Often top speed tests of the Boom Vader aren’t done with a stock engine(125cc). This statement means I still have the original Boom Vader 125cc engine the motorcycle came with.

I’ve seen many top speed tests of Grom Clone motorcycle, but this is often done after a Big Bore Kit upgrade (141cc BBK) or a complete motorcycle engine swap(190cc or 212cc).

I have only changed the shipping oil in my Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc engine. This motorcycle is just as I am explaining, basically stock out of the box.

Again, this not a Boom Vader 190cc, or a Boom Vader 212cc modded bike.

5.- This Post Is Not A Boom Vader 125cc Motorcycle Review.

If the top speed of my stock Boom Vader makes you happy doesn’t make the bike a great motorcycle.

If the maximum speed of my stock Boom Vader makes you sad, it doesn’t mean this is a terrible motorcycle.

I am just doing a baseline speed test to use later in comparisons after doing some performance upgrades to my Grom Clone. You can use this information to determine what type of bike you are getting if you order the Boom Vader 125cc Gen 2 motorcycle.

This is just a top-speed test, don’t read too much into it, but do read this post. 😀

So, How Fast Does My 125cc Motorcycle Go?

I was going the max RPMs listed on my dash, 7500+ RPMs. Didn’t want hit the red “8” on my tachometer.

The speedometer reads about 52 mph.

The GPS apps say 41 mph.  

Wow, what a mismatch in the speed readings. More than a ten mph mismatch. I confirmed the speedometer was reading mph, no kph. I seconded checked the cellphone apps against each other, and they both were consistent with each other.  

This Stock 125cc Grom Clone’s Top Speed Is Sad.

One of the first upgrades recommended for the Grom Clone is a larger front sprocket. Upgrading from the 14 tooth front sprocket to the 15 tooth front sprocket(Upgraded Front Sprocket Boom Vader Top Speed).

The concept is that with a larger front sprocket, more chain lengths are moved per revolution, which is transferred to the rear wheel, resulting in a faster bike speed.

My Grom Clone Upgrades Planned.

I am keeping track of the Grom Clone grades to-do list here: Boom Vader(Grom Clone) Upgrades To-Do List, and as of now, a larger front sprocket is one of my first upgrades.

I will repeat the top speed test on my Boom Vader 125cc motorcycle when I get a larger front sprocket.

NOTE: Again did a top speed test for my Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc Motorcycle after upgrading the front sprocket, read it here: 17t Upgraded Front Sprocket Boom Vader Top Speed Test

Boom Vader 190cc and Boom Vader 212cc Riders?

Now, most of my upgrades revolve around not swapping out the engine. I am considering doing a BBK 141cc upgrade, but that is it.

Were your experiences with doing an engine swap on the Boom Vader pleasant? Was it worth it?

Which is better, the 190cc engine or the 212cc engine, for both acceleration and top-end speed? Please leave a comment below.

Till then, Ride Safe, Ride Fun!!!

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Boom Vader Top Speed Test With Larger Front Sprocket: With the original tests, I limited the RPMs to about 7500+. I increased my RPM max with the latest test and got higher speeds! As I keep pushing the little 125cc engine further and further into the red, I will update you about the speeds I reach.

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