Best Comfort Upgrade For Your TBR7 Motorcycle For Under $20!

FYI, now this upgrade applies to the other “Chonda” motorcycles. So if you have an RPS Hawk 250, a Brozz, or a Raven 250, you will benefit from reading this.

So if you ever wondered how to make the motorcycle seat more comfortable on your TaoTao TBR7, you are in the right place.

OK, What Is The Motorcycle Comfort Upgrade?

Drum roll, please……

A Padded Motorcycle Seat Cover For Your TBR7 Bike!

TBR7 motorcycle seat cover.
Doing work on the TBR7, notice how the seat cover blends in with the seat?

Now not just any seat cover, but an actual seat cover I bought with my own money! The Coleman MadDog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector.

Back story, I started making more and more improvements to my TBR7 motorcycle (My TaoTao TBR7 Upgrades To Do List) and, with that, started riding longer and further each day. One side effect of these longer rides was I was noticing rider discomfort over time.

How Can I Improve My Motorcycle Comfort?

Over time, my hands were numb(pins and needles), which I solved with foam handlebar grip covers(Previous Post: Found Cheap Foam Hand Grips For My Motorcycle ).

My buttocks(I said this in my head sounding like Forest Gump) were also feeling uncomfortable with the longer rides. So I checked out some forums and found dirt bikes, in general, have thin hard seats. Other riders came up with seat upgrades or enhancements.

CSC sells an upgraded seat on their website (CSC Seat Webpage). I am told, this upgraded seat fits the hawk 250’s and TBR7’s. I read reviews and the seat was a significant upgrade, but I wasn’t willing to experiment with the cost associated with this upgrade. Currently listed over $200.

Let’s face it; we Chonda-owners pride ourselves in frugality.

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How To Make Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable and Cheap?

So the comfort upgrade I was looking for was a ‘topper’ for the current seat. Rather than buying a new seat, I was looking to add additional padding to my current seat.

The solution, as I said earlier, was the Coleman MadDog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector. I cover the installation here: (Previous Post: New TBR7 Seat Upgrade With This Cover.).

Did It Make My Motorcycle Ride Smoother?

Yes, it made riding the TBR7 motorcycle riding smoother. 

With the performance upgrades allowing for much more enjoyable longer rides, comfort upgrades like this seat cover make for more comfortable longer rides.  

This upgrade of my motorcycle seat is not limited to the Chonda’s (RPS Hawk 250, TaoTao TBR7, Brozz, etc.). This seat upgrade can be applied to many motorcycle types, and considering its low cost and reasonable outcome; it might be worth trying for all motorcycles. 

Remember, this is my opinion; I bought the seat cover with my own money and appreciated the seat upgrade. So maybe my opinion counts for you. 

If you have feedback, please leave a comment below.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

New TBR7 seat cover.  Still wrapped.
Most comfortable upgrade for my TBR7. This seat cover was worth the price I paid.

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This seat comfort upgrade solution seems universal in how it is installed on my motorcycle. It makes sense this upgrade worked for the TBR7 motorcycle. This upgrade is highly recommended for the Hawk 250 motorcycle in many motorcycle forums. The Hawk 250 is similar in design to the TBR7 motorcycle since both are Chinese Dual-sport motorcycles. So this can also be a great Hawk 250 seat upgrade.

Being Dual-sport motorcycles, the TBR7 and Hawk 250 have dirt bike characteristics. So this cheap upgrade should apply as a universal dirt bike seat upgrade that looks like it can be used on mini bikes and even Grom Clones.

The Coleman MadDog seat cover, or similar product, is well worth it, and of course, it was cheap; why is my Best Comfort Upgrade For Your TBR7 Motorcycle For Under 20 Bucks suggestion?

Click For Current Motorcycle Seat Cover Prices.

If you are interested in more ways to make you how to make a motorcycle seat more comfortable, check this post: How To Make Your Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable.

There I talk about all motorcycles, including dirt bikes, and some riders have offered their comments and suggestions. Come, and contribute to the conversation.

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I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

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