How Many Gears Does A Boom Vader Have? – FAQ

Simple Boom Vader Gears Answer:

The Boom Vader 125cc comes stock with four gears.

Of course excluding the neutral position.

The More Complicated Boom Vader Gears Question:

How Many Gears Does A Boom Vader Have?

From my research, this question has peaked with the newer Honda Groms having five gears. I am told the first four gears are geared lower for power and acceleration, and the 5th gear is geared very high to allow the Honda Grom to top out at higher speeds. The 5th gear almost behaves like an ‘over-drive.’

The Boom Vader 125cc (BD125-10 is mine Boom Vader 125cc (Grom Clone) Review (@100 Miles)) comes stock with four gears.

The Boom Vader 125cc engine seems to gears a little low, suggesting the owner’s manual posting of the top speed to be wildly inaccurate.

On the Boom Vader Motorcycle Owner’s Manual(Covering models: BD125-1, BD125-2, BD125-7, BD125-8, BD125-9, BD125-10, BD125-11, BD125-15) page 40, the specifications section reads:

“Performance” “The Maximum Speed” “>= 80mph”

You can read about my top speed tests both stock(Stock Boom Vader’s Top Speed) and after I geared the Boom Vader 125cc higher( Boom Vader (Grom Clone) 17t Front Sprocket Upgrade ) for a final top speed of( 17t Upgraded Front Sprocket Boom Vader Top Speed ).

I hope this helps; the Boom Vader 125cc doesn’t have the best transmission out of the box( Boom Vader (Chinese Grom Clone) Review (First Ride) ) but does improve with time( Boom Vader Gen 2 Crossed 1,000 miles! (My Grom Clone) )


The Boom Vader 125cc Motorcycle Comes Stock With Four Gears.

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