A Boom Vader 125cc Top Speed, Pushed Harder!

If I was obsessed with turning these little Grom Clone motorcycles into a speed-demon, I could say at least I wasn’t alone. Many ask, What is the Boom Vader 125cc top speed at full throttle?

At full throttle?” “Riding The 125cc Bike At Top Speed!

Oops, Got me. This whole time with all the performance Boom Vader upgrades( Recommended Boom Vader Upgrades ), I’ve been holding my motorcycle back. The Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc motorcycle is a, well….. cheap Chonda motorcycle. Cheap compared to its idle, the Honda Grom.

I’m sure the typical Grom’s top speed is much higher than the standard Boom Vader motorcycle’s; if you know, please comment below.

The Boom Vader motorcycle is at about a third or more than the cost of the Honda Grom bike, it’s understandable this Grom Clone is fairly cheap in both price and build.

My Boom Vader motorcycle with green field back drop.
My Boom Vader looks fast standing still.

So, have I been holding back my Boom Vader 125cc during the top speed tests?

Well… Yes!

I mentioned it during both the stock sprocket speed tests( Stock 125cc Boom Vader’s Top Speed Test ) and the top speed tests after the front sprocket upgrade( 17t Upgraded Front Sprocket Boom Vader Top Speed Test ); I was limiting the top RPMs to about 7500.

As I’ve been riding the Boom Vader more and more, I’ve become comfortable letting the engine’s RPMs climb into the RedZone.

When accelerating, I noticed if I accidentally over-revved the 125cc engine, the bike didn’t explode. Not acting like a nut on the Boom Vader, but I am getting more comfortable thinking the RedZone on the tachometer is more a ‘suggestion not to’ than an absolute.

So… I did a new top speed test for my little 125cc Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle.

I allowed the bike up to 8,000 RPMs and held it there to look at the Boom Vader’s speedometer and the GPS app I ran on my cellphone.

The Boom Vader 125cc Top Speed Results?


I don’t want people upset with my results till they know what I’ve done to the bike. I have done slight performance upgrades to the little 125cc bike.

Boom Vader 125cc Mods That Could Increase My Top Speed:

  1. Carburetor Upgrade (VM22): Boom Vader Carb Upgrade )
  2. O-Ring-less Motorcycle Chain:( Boom Vader Motorcycle Chain Replacement Instructions )
  3. Low resistance Exhaust System Upgrade: ( Boom Vader Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrade )
  4. New larger front sprocket( Boom Vader Front Sprocket Upgrade (17t) )

Hmmm…. thought I did more. Considering the massively improved riding results, I thought I did way more. Talking like < $200 in performance upgrades I did myself to my Boom Vader since getting out of the box( ).

Okay, Now The Boom Vader 125cc Top Speed Results:

On the Boom Vader Gen 2’s speedometer: 70 MPH

Yes, my Boom Vader bike suffers from the typical out-of-cal stock speedometer why I installed a handlebar-mounted wireless GPS speedometer.

On the GPS Speedometer App: 56 MPH

Although this top speed test was done on a reasonably level road, it took a while to reach this speed. The Boom Vader’s little engine felt like it could give me a little more, but again, I limited the RPMs to this speed test to 8,000.

What I Am Thinking About The Boom Vader 125cc Top Speed Test.

1.- I would like better acceleration.

This top speed of 56 MPH is okay for my back road driving, but I would like to get to a faster speed.

2.- I had to do this test on a level road.

If I had any hills and did ride on hilly roads, I couldn’t reach these levels. I often do a full tuck and drop into third gear to stay over 40 MPH on some hills.

3.- The Boom Vader’s little 125cc engine screams!

At 8,000 RPMs, the bike feels like it might explode, adding to the excitement but not the sense of bike longevity.

Future Top Speed Improvement Ideas.

1.- Lose Weight.

I’m sure the weight of about 200 pounds on this little Grom Clone pushes the engine hard, and the engine’s work output could be converted into acceleration.

2.- Possible Rear Sprocket Change.

Now with my Boom Vader motorcycle, I don’t believe I can go up another entire tooth, 17t to 18th sprocket with the stock front sprocket cover, but then I don’t think I can. The bike acceleration is sad, and a larger front sprocket will worsen it.

I am thinking about possibly going down a tooth or two on the rear sprocket, but unsure about this without trying to get more horsepower out of the engine and into the rear wheel.

Maybe an engine upgrade, increasing the motorcycle’s 125cc stock engine size…

3.- Maybe A Grom Clone Big Bore Kit.

My Boom Vader motorcycle might be getting a big bore kit in in the future. We’ll see. :/

In Closing,

These top-speed test results are specific to my Boom Vader 125cc motorcycle, and it’s a Gen 2 body with a tiny 125cc engine that I’ve done mods to by myself ( Boom Vader Upgrades To-Do List ).

Even if you do the same mods to the same type of motorcycle, your results might be slower or faster. You might be a heavier or lighter rider.

You might have tuned the Boom Vader carburetor better than I have. Unsure.

The point is that these results are for reference only. I do not suggest you enter the engine’s RedZone on the tachometer and take good care of your motorcycle.

Thank you.

Ride Safe, Ride fun.

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I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

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