Boom Vader Exhaust Piping Upgrade Has Finally Arrived!

I’ve been waiting for a while, and my daughter said there was a box on the porch, and I ran to get it before any porch pirates were interested in a Grom Clone exhaust pipe. I’ve been waiting excited after the tracking information was updated on my exhaust upgrade (Boom Vader Gen 2 Exhaust Shipping Update!) . My Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc motorcycle is going to sound so good with this exhaust upgrade compared to the stock exhaust.

It’s Official; I Have Received The China Package!

Daughter quoting one of my favorite movie lines from “Seven”, “What’s in the box?

I didn’t want to open the box too soon; I just wanted to marvel at its fantastic condition. I feel items are shipped to my house via catapult, but a catapult would have had this exhaust piping upgrade arriving faster than it did.

Look at this beautiful shipping box:

Boom Vader exhaust piping shipping box, partially crushed.
My Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle’s new exhaust piping upgrade is in there, but is it safe?

Was the package used as a wheel chock for the delivery truck?

Nonetheless, I have received my exhaust piping and will soon open it like the other packages: the slip-on muffler, and the new exhaust gaskets. I plan to post a complete Boom Vader Gen 2 exhaust upgrade list (what I bought) soon, after I test completed exhaust upgrade on my motorcycle. Just in case you are interested in upgrading your Boom Vader motorcycle(or Grom Clone) as well.

My Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade Lessons Learned:

First Motorcycle Exhaust Upgrade Advice:

The timing was uncertain, and finally getting this package before next month, Amazon said it could be here on July 1st, which leaves me with one piece of advice: Order early. Order your motorcycle exhaust upgrade parts before you are ready to do the upgrade. This way, the items have time to get to your front door.

Second Motorcycle Exhaust Upgrade Advice:

Your Boom Vader, and other Grom Clones, are still fun to ride without the latest exhaust upgrades. So if you are waiting for packages still, you can get out there and have fun riding your bike!!!!

Check back later for posts on how this new exhaust upgrade goes and what steps I took to get my motorcycle running and sounding better.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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Boom Vader Gen 2 Upgrades

After I got all the exhaust upgrade parts, I could finally move forward with installing them on my Boom Vader motorcycle. I have a Gen 2 125cc Boom Vader, so this little Grom Clone will never sound like the deep rich tones of a big bike, but the sounds are great.

Please check this post ( Basic Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade Instructions ) for my upgrade steps.

The results were great, and the wait for this exhaust piping was well worth it. Now my Boom Vader sounds deeper. I swear there is an actual increase in acceleration immediately, and the acceleration(as well as the exhaust sounds) after the “DB” baffle is removed.

Oh, as promised, here is my shopping list if you are interested in upgrading your Grom Clone. This upgrade is sweet why it was one of the first upgrades I listed on my to-do list: Boom Vader 125 (Grom Clone) Upgrades To-Do List.

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Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade Shopping List

MSX Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe System(Muffler Sold Separate). Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade
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Universal Slip-On Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler Boom Vader Muffler Upgrade
Click For Current Prices.
Exhaust Crush Gaskets (32×24.5mm) Motorcycle Exhaust Gasket
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FYI, I’ve done two exhaust upgrades for both my Chinese motorcycles, and did a review.

My Chinese Motorcycle Exhaust Review

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I bought my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7, at the beginning of 2021 and have been doing upgrades on that motorcycle since.

I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

I continue to ride my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle as well as my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport bike.

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