Other Bikes Like The Honda Grom?

Now that I am thinking about now getting a Honda Grom while at the same time still getting another bike LIKE the Honda Grom, I was wondering. What makes the Honda Grom a Honda Grom, and are there genuinely other bikes LIKE the Honda Grom? Often these motorcycles are called Grom Clones.

You can search the Honda website for all the Honda Grom specs, but I am looking at what I like about the Grom and what features I want to keep while looking at other motorcycles in the Grom class.

Why Are Honda Groms So Popular?

Well, it’s cheap for the amount of motorcycle you get and the name it has. Honda. The Honda name usually means high reliability and low cost of operation. The upfront cost is low, the bike is light, and more importantly, user-friendly. Meaning it will be fun to ride and maintain.

Honda Grom Performance Specs I like:

What Is The Top Speed Of The Honda Grom?

Now, much of this is rider weight dependent, and I was only researching the specs on a stock, the dealer floor version of the Honda Grom.  

About 60 MPH!

(Additional Information About My Boom Vader Top Speeds: My Stock Boom Vader’s Top Speed Test, 17t Upgraded Front Sprocket Boom Vader Top Speed Test, and Boom Vader 125cc Top Speed, Pushed More!)

This motorcycle is approaching highway speeds, though I might not want to do highway riding with the Grom or a motorcycle like the Grom.  

However, I thought the same way about my TaoTao TBR7. Out of the box, it was feeble in performance ( TaoTao TBR7 Review & Specs), but I was OK with it since I only wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, try a little dirt riding, and focus on back-country roads.   However, I kept upgrading my TaoTao TBR7 so I could use highway speeds comfortably( TaoTao TBR7 One Year Motorcycle Review! ).

With time, I occasionally wanted to jump on the highway with my TBR7 and take shortcuts to these back-country roads. I was avoiding inner-city traffic. My TBR7 hates to stop and go traffic. Overheated Motorcycle Engine Problem(s).

So, having found out the Honda Grom can do about 60 mph, I will have to focus on Grom Clones that can do 60 mph out of the box.

How Long Do Honda Groms Last?

A quick search on YT or Grom web forums, and you will find that there are a lot of Groms out there on the road having an excess of 100,000 miles of use. Often people speak as the Grom isn’t broken in till about 

120,000-130,000 miles.

I see Groms several years good, in great shape, and roadworthy.  

This long life is a testament to the excellent care Grom owners give their motorcycles, made easier with a properly designed motorcycle from Honda.

Do Groms Have A Clutch And Gear Box?

The pre-2022 Grom has a four-speed manual transmission. 2022 introduced a five-speed manual transmission.

Honda is the only bike manufacturer that has included the fifth gear on their motorcycle in this 125cc class.  How Many Gears Does A Boom Vader Have? – FAQ

So How Much Horsepower Does The Honda Grom Have?

< 10 hp. Not a powerhouse for performance, but enough to get moving.

What About The Honda Grom Fuel System?

The engine is fuel injected. So no re-jetting with temperature and altitude changes to get the most out of the engine.

Also, the fuel tank holds about 1.5 gallons of gasoline, and with the 160+ MPG, this is a nice time riding the back roads.

How Much Do Honda Groms Cost?

You can search the MSRP on the Honda website for about $3500, but the problem is getting it for that price. Dealers add additional charges to the MSRP price. Dealer handling fees, shipping fees, fees for handling the tax and titling process for you, etc. Best I got asking around, less than $5k out the door, with no extra options.

What Style Of Bike Is The Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom is a “pocket-sized” motorcycle (small engine size, low seat height, and low total curb weight). Bikes in this class of motorcycles usually have engines 125cc’s in size and horsepower < 10. These motorcycles generally weigh less than 250 pounds. Honda calls this class of its motorcycles “minimotos.”

Can You Customize The Honda Grom?

Is there an after-market of parts from Honda and third-party vendors?

Heck Yeah!

There are both performance and cosmetic customization sources for the Grom. Often these items aren’t very high cost, while engine mods seem to be the highest costing items.  

The Honda Grom has a great after-market selection to make the Grom your own. You might only have a limited selection of colors getting the Grom from a dealer, but afterward, the panels change, there are skins and decals to bling out your ride, and many are DIY kits too.

Needed Solutions For Grom Clones Or Bikes Like The Honda Grom.

Going by the rough specs of what I found about the Honda Grom, I will need a bike that has:

  • An engine with about ten horsepower
  • Fuel tank with about 1 gallon of gasoline capacity.
  • Can travel, stock, at about 60mph.
  • Lightweight, about 250 pounds.
  • Have a manual clutch with a real gearbox.
  • It can be both customized with performance and cosmetic upgrades.
  • It is Cheap, and I’ll talk about this later.

About The Price!

If you buy a Honda Grom, you pay Honda’s higher price since you are getting ‘Honda Quality”. If I am looking at a Bike Like A Honda Grom, I am not looking to pay Honda Grom prices. 

I figure I am settling for less than Honda quality, so I shouldn’t be paying Honda prices.

I imagine my Grom Clone will have to cost less than half what the suspected out-the-door price of a Honda Grom is, $5k.

What Is Next In My Search?

I will do searches for Honda Clones that are similar to specs and priced less than $2,500. 

Oh, this clearly eliminates the major competitors to the Honda Grom like the Kawasaki z125. That bike is on dealer floors and is about the same price as a Honda Grom, so it’s out.

Also, so are the Honda Cousins like the Honda Monkey. The Honda Monkey appears higher in price too, but I do like the mini-scrambler look. But, due to the price of the Honda Monkey, it’s off my radar too. Maybe in the future, I’ll win the lottery. 😀

If you have suggestions for a bike like the Honda Grom, please leave a comment below.

Check back later, and I’ll keep you up to date on finding this perfect “pocket-sized” motorcycle for me.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!!

Honda Source Info Website: https://powersports.honda.com/street/minimoto/grom

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