TaoTao TBR7 Oil Cooler Unboxing!

TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle oil cooler unboxing.
My TaoTao TBR7’s Oil Cooler Unboxing!

Bit The Bullet, Got An Oil Cooler For My TaoTao TBR7.

As always, many of my TaoTao TBR7 modifications come from posts about Hawk 250s and Raven 250s. So if you are an owner of one of these other bikes, my TBR7 information should apply, including this oil cooler information.

I mentioned in the past; I had overheating issues with my TBR7. Overheated Motorcycle Engine Problem.

I was trying to find a solution and was leaning heavily on installing an electric side fan. However, I started looking at the aftermarket oil coolers and thought that cooling the oil is a trusted method used by many other motorcycles manufacturers.

After I figured oil cooling was my solution, I had two types of oil coolers to chose from:

Oil Cooler Taps Off Oil Screen Housing.

This type of oil cooler is the most popular in the Chonda motorcycle forums. Many RPS Hawk 250 and TaoTao TBR7 owners have posted about their upgrades. By tapping off the motorcycle’s oil screen housing, all the engine’s oil goes through this oil cooler.

From what I read, this method of oil cooling maximizes the reduction in the motorcycle’s overall reduced operating temperature.

Oil Cooler Taps Off Head Cover Oil Flow.

Now I liked this oil cooler concept since the top of the motorcycle engine has so many small moving parts so far away from the oil sump. Those parts would benefit best from a steady stream of cooled oil.

There are disadvantages to this head-cover oil cooler. The oil lines will interfere with valve lash/clearance checks, and only a tiny portion of the oil passes through the cooler at a time.

I Made My Pick, An Oil Cooler That Tapped Into The Oil Screen Housing.

Made sense, go big or go home. The oil cooler I picked was giant! I am amazed at the size of this upgrade. I am still wondering how I am going to mount this cooler. I assure you; there will be follow-up posts about the upgrade, so check back later.

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Click for current prices: Motorcycle Oil Cooler.

Notice How I Left Out Any Cons Of The Oil Cooler I Picked?

One disadvantage is I use the oil screen housing as my location where I drain the oil.

TBR7 Oil Screen Cap.

Are Motorcycle Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs Worth It?

This change forces me to drain the motorcycle engine oil and clean the screen in one step. Now I am required to use the drain plug after I install the cooler.

I have to change my TBR7’s oil change methods, but now I have a good reason to get a magnetic oil drain plug. I was sitting on the fence since I used repurposed hard drive magnets instead, but a strong magnetic oil drain plug should be a nice upgrade.

FYI: The Oil Cooler Instructions!

New TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle oil cooler installation instructions.

I will have to take my time with this project and will post the outcome later. In the meantime. Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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Update to follow up questions I received:

Why Should You Buy an Oil Cooler For Your Bike?

Based on my experiences with my TBR7 motorcycle:

Experiencing engine overheating during longer rides is becoming very common. With an oil cooler, the engine oil maintains its physical and thermal protective properties, resulting in a motorcycle engine lasting longer, running better, and sounding nicer—a simple upgrade to a happier running bike.

Short-term Benefits Of An Oil Cooler For My Bike.

These oil cooler benefits are based on my research into Chonda (Hawk 250, TaoTao TBR7, and dirt bike forums).

1.- Easier Engine Gear Shifting.

With a consistent oil temperature, the oil will maintain its viscosity more consistently, allowing engine shifting to feel the same after the motorcycle is warmed up.

2.- Less Engine Overheating.

Simple math, if you add additional cooling to the engine, in this case, an oil cooler, the engine should run cooler and further away from being overheated.

An air-cooled engine is at the mercy of its cooling airflow and how much surface area is exposed to allow for cooling. Read: Air-Cooled Engine Overheating Symptoms?

Unlike a water-cooled motorcycle engine, an air-cooled engine has no fan. to move air faster and allow for more cooling.  

For an air-cooled engine, we either increase the cooling surfaces(like this oil cooler idea I have) or drive faster(but more heat is created by the machine).  

Yes, I am betting unless changes of TBR7 engine overheating with this upgrade.

3.- Less Burnt Oil Smell.

My TBR7 smells of over-fried foods at times, like burnt cooking oil, if you can imagine. The oil is good, I use good oil ( What Kind Of Oil Does The TaoTao TBR7 Take? – FAQ ), but the smell has me concerned(why I do frequent oil changes Steps I Take To Do My TBR7 Oil Changes ). With an oil cooler, I imagine with the engine running cooler, the smells of burnt oil will diminish if not become eliminated.

4.- Less Loss Of Motorcycle Engine Power.

Loss of engine power has a direct correlation with engine overheating, and an overheating engine is a sluggish engine. Feels like something is dragging you down, or your motorcycle is running through deep mud.

I’ve felt this with my TaoTao TBR7 and do not want this anymore. A properly running engine runs its best, and less chance of losing power with doing longer rides.

Long-term Benefits Of An Oil Cooler For My Bike.

Well, this is simple:

With engine oil operating at its maximum protection, in the temperature range it’s designed for, an oil cooler can extend the overall life of a motorcycle engine and its parts.

My TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle doesn’t scream quality materials; the frame and bolts to me are soft ( Rear Sprocket Changing Tips: TBR7/Hawk 250/Brozz 250 ), and I can only imagine what the materials inside the motorcycle 3engine are like.

My Own TBR7 Oil Cooler Buying Guide

I wanted an engine oil cooler designed as a drop-in upgrade to my TBR7 motorcycle. An easy upgrade would be nice for my bike, with less wrench time and more riding time.

I wanted an engine oil cooler large enough to provide maximum cooling by having the largest airflow areas in an oil cooler.

I wanted an engine oil cooler that was cheap. Yes, I am a Chonda owner; we live for cheap. If I wanted a more expensive motorcycle, I would have bought a dirt bike/dual-sport motorcycle from one of the ‘BIG’ names, not TaoTao. Not bashing my TBR7, but it’s a low-cost motorcycle ( Why Buy A Cheap Chinese Dual-Sport Motorcycles? ).

Checking The Oil Cooler Reviews And Ratings

I can go over all the oil coolers I found from Alibaba to Amazon, but I have to say I stuck with Amazon again since I believe I got fair reviews and ratings for the oil cooler I bought.

My Find: Motorcycle Oil Cooler Engine Oil Cooler Kit

This engine oil cooler has a 5-star rating with 12 reviews(as of 14 July 2022).

This engine oil cooler is low cost as I planned, well below 100 dollars.

This kit has all the necessary parts, including all the adapters, tools, and tubing, to make this oil cooler an easy upgrade for all Chonda motorcycles, especially my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorbike.

Again, Why I Bought This Oil Cooler Conclusion

Let’s keep this simple; it’s cheap, it looks easy to install, it looks like a drop-in upgrade, and it has a LARGE volume and cooling surface for my engine’s motor oil.

Simply put, it’s a win! Will update you about the final installation.

This Oil Cooler Post Update: I finally completed installing the oil cooler on my TaoTao TBR7. Special thanks go out to those RPS Hawk 250 owners who took the time to post their oil cooler upgrade adventures. I hope my post can also help new Hawk 250 owners.  My Newest Posts:

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New Oil Cooler Installation For My TBR7.

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