My Nibbi PE30 Carburetor TBR7 Upgrade Shopping List.

I lightly talked about the Nibbi Carburetor upgrade I plan for my TBR7 motorcycles, but it didn’t cover everything I bought to help with this upgrade. Previous Post: Next Upgrade Project: Nibbi Carburetor Replacement.

NOTE: I finally got around to installing my new Nibbi Carburetor on my TaoTao TBR7 Dual-Sport Motorcycle. Here is the post: TBR7 Nibbi Carburetor Installation Instructions (Hawk 250 info).

Past Carburetor Motorcycle Upgrade, And Thanks!

First, let me shout out to the RPS Hawk 250 and Brozz owners; thank you for all the posts and videos I found on doing carburetor upgrades with the Mikuni carbs.

I intend to cover my planned Nibbi carb upgrade to help ALL Chonda Owners, not just fellow TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle owners. If your motorcycle has a carburetor and is based on the CG-125/CG-150 engine design, like many Chonda’s, I hope you find this blog and these posts helpful. 

TaoTao TBR7 Dual-sport Motorcycle  with foam filter.
Pre-Nibbi Carb, my Mikuni Carburetor With A Foam Filter.

I don’t see many Nibbi Carburetor upgrade posts or videos, so let my blog and its posts be a thank you to you guys who helped me.

Needed Parts? How Is The Nibbi Carb Different From The Mikuni Carb?

Anyone who has installed the Mikuni carburetor on their Chonda(TBR7 like mine, or a Hawk 250, etc.) quickly realized the new carburetor is a simple drop-in replacement for the stock carb. The new Mikuni (clone) carburetor isn’t much different in design than the stock.  

The stock carburetor mount was reusable for the Mikuni Carb. The air-box tube and clamp fit around the Mikuni designed carb, and the carburetor’s outlet has a flange that bolts onto the original engine inlet.  

The Mikuni carburetor upgrade setup was super easy and the upgrade one of my first performance upgrades for my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle.

That’s the point; the upgrade was that the new carb allowed changes to the air/fuel mixture screw and the ability to change the main and idle jets. In hindsight, that was the only improvement the new carburetor added.

So, the Nibbi is different in design. Because of this, I needed to buy additional items to go with the new carburetor.

Nibbi Carburetor Upgrade Shopping List.

  1. The Nibbi Carburetor. A PE30, to be exact.
    I’m sure I will cover more about this carburetor going forward when I install it and fine-tune the jets.
  2. Jets! 
  3. New Engine Mount.  
  4. New Air Pod.
Nibbi carburetor, engine/carburetor connector, air pod filter and carb jets.
Nibbi Carburetor and parts open box.

I intend to cover what I bought and why, and I hope to detail the parts when I actually install the new Nibbi Carburetor. Please bear with me for now.

New Nibbi Carburetor Jets!

Truthfully, I suspect that the jets already installed in the Nibbi, or the spares sent in the box, will work, but with my luck, they might not. Meaning, I probably didn’t need to get extra jets.   

However, buying jets to fit my Nibbi carb only makes sense, so I will update you on what works for me. I am about 300+ feet above sea level if this extra information helps you.

Just in case, I picked up a pack of jets, and they were cheap insurance against failure. Luck favors the prepared. 😀

Nibbi PE30 Carburetor Jets.
Nibbi PE30 Carburetor Jets.

New Carburetor Engine Mount For The Nibbi?

Yes, the original engine inlet has a flanged end with studs protruding from the inlet mount. These studs are where you mount the stock carburetor on to, using two nuts. 

Stock, Mikuni clone, engine inlet flange connection.
Stock carburetor with stock engine inlet flange.

The Nibbi PE30 carburetor does not have a flanged end. No flange at all. So to mount the new carburetor, I had to order a new engine inlet that allows for a clamped-on carburetor.  

TBR7 engine inlet for new Nibbi Carburetor.
New Engine Inlet, with hose clamps and rubber boot.

The Nibbi Carburetor appears larger than the stock one, so you might notice the new engine inlet looks more angled than what is on your motorcycle. This angle was planned since I will need that angle to fit the new carburetor on the engine properly.

Here, you can see a soft boot that connects the outlet of the carburetor to the new engine inlet. I can’t wait to try this out.

New Carburetor Pod Filter!

OK, this was an optional item. If I wanted to go back to using the air-box, I could with the air tube, but I won’t. I have a UNI foam pod filter (My Post: TBR7 Air Filter Pod Replacement), but I wanted something that looked more ‘industrial.’ I believe this hits the mark. Plus it’s called a Nibbi Racing Air Pod Filter, I hope it lives up to its name.

New Nibbi Air Pod Filter.
Nibbi “Racing” Air Pod Filter.

I do like how the new air pod filter looks. 😀

Shopping List Done…… I hope…

As I pointed out before, I generally have bad luck but do live a blessed life. So it all works out, but hoping I didn’t miss something in planning this carburetor upgrade. I plan to keep you posted and give you the final results. I wish it were warmer out to get more riding in. This morning was in the 20s. :/

Like I said earlier, posts about Nibbi carburetor upgrades for us Chonda owners are limited, but if you have any experience or insight, please leave feedback in the comments section. Thank you.

In the meantime, ride safe, ride fun!

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P.S. The Nibbi intake boot felt small, and with the angled Nibbi carb, I was concerned about how secure it was on the engine. So I started experimenting using a home-make intake boot from Auto Zone. Check it out: My Nibbi Carburetor Upgrade From Auto Zone!

NOTE: I finally got around to installing my new Nibbi Carburetor on my TaoTao TBR7. Here is the post: My TBR7 Nibbi Carburetor Installation Instructions (Hawk 250 info).

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