A Wireless GPS Motorcycle Speedometer For My Boom Vader!

Now no secreted factory-installed motorcycle speedometer on the Boom Vader, like most Grom-Clone motorcycles, is ‘off.’ Meaning it’s not accurate. This was first noticed as I was doing top speed tests for my Boom Vader; I was getting faster speeds on the speedometer than on my cellphone’s GPS app.

Bike GPS speedometer in palm of my hand.
New GPS Speedometer addition for my Boom Vader Motorcycle.

I Tried To Fix My Motorcycle Speedometer.

Now, these initial solutions targeted finding a fix without spending money(The Chonda-Way!), and the point was fixing the problem without throwing money at it.

1.- Finding A Loose Connection.

I checked my Boom Vader and couldn’t find any loose connections to my motorcycle dash. It was like the speedometer was working but always reading a percentage over the actual bike speed.

This overage resulted in a more significant error in indicated speed the faster the bike went.

So no found no loose wires, and the speedometer was working, just calculating higher speeds than expected.  

In fact, not only was the speedometer running faster than the actual speed, but it also seemed the odometer was running faster than the actual miles traveled.  

Found this out when I was trying to calculate the MPG I was getting with my little Boom Vader, and I had to find out what the error was, then created a correction factor to calculate MPG correctly.  

How Many MPG Does A 125cc Bike Get? (Boom Vader Motorcycle).

2.- Re-calibrating The Motorcycle Speedometer.

A quick web search revealed that some people could re-calibrate their factory dash speedometer with a simple trick. I found this YT video that showed how:

Simply holding down both dash buttons and turning on the ignition key is supposed to enter the dash into setup mode. During this, you can re-calibrate the speedometer to the size you have.

In my case, I decided to turn the size tire down to reduce the indicated speed of the bike.  

Well… No one can do that. I could not reset my Boom Vader dash into setup mode, and with more research, I found not all Boom Vader motorcycles come with the ability to re-calibrate their speedometer.

My Boom Vader motorcycle was one of those.

I Gave Up Trying To Fix My Speedometer.

After trying to find the problem and re-calibrating my motorcycle’s speedometer, it became evident I wasn’t going to find a solution.

So I had to think outside the box, or in this case, the dash.

Looking For Cheap Speedometer Replacement Solution.

Now I could have bought an aftermarket dash for my Boom Vader, one with more features than the stock one, but I am cheap.

My speedometer solution was to buy a simple add-on wireless GPS speedometer.

I found a GPS one:

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Mini GPS Bike Speedometer

Now earlier, I did an upgrade to my motorcycle, and I added a handlebar-mounted USB cellphone charger (How To Install A Phone Charger On A Motorcycle ). I mounted this USB cellphone charger to the right, next to my cellphone holder( Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount ).

Doing so left the room to the left and center on the handlebar. So I figured center would be best, and found this little GPS speedometer fit perfectly.

So I looked for a motorcycle GPS speedometer handlebar mount option that fit. 

I Installed A Wireless Speedometer On My Bike?

I want to cover how easy this installation was.

The new GPS speedometer was easy to install.

The speedometer mount was small enough to fit between my motorcycle handlebar risers and was affixed with crisscrossed rubber bands.

GPS Speedometer mount secured with rubber bands.
GPS Speedometer mount secured with rubber bands to my motorcycle handlebar.

Then the GPS speedometer is turned sideways, then rotated 90 degrees till it is locked in place.

That was it—a simple installation.

Now back to my handlebar-mounted USB cellphone charger. I have two USB ports on it, and with one already dedicated to my cellphone, I used the second to feed into the GPS speedometer.

Yes, the new speedometer is rechargeable. So there is no need to worry about changing batteries, and with the direct connection to the USB cellphone charger, there is no need to worry about dead batteries.

GPS speedometer mounted between the handlebar risers on my Boom Vader motorcycle.
GPS Speedometer mounted on my Boom Vader Motorcycle. Between the handlebar risers.

FYI: What Is The Cost Of A GPS Speedometer?

I picked up this GPS speedometer for about 30 bucks( Purchased Nov 22, 2022 ). Cheaper than changing out the motorcycle dash. FYI: Can I Charge My Phone While Riding A Motorcycle?

FYI: How I Installed The USB Cell Phone Charger Video

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2 thoughts on “A Wireless GPS Motorcycle Speedometer For My Boom Vader!”

  1. This seems like the way to go for a speedometer. I got my Vader about a month ago and have been enjoying it. I just wish it would go a little faster. I put a 17 tooth sprocket on it but gps says I’m still only getting around 40mph at 6000 rpms. 35mph seems less stressful on the bike. I thought about changing the back sprocket but I’m not sure how much that would help. I may just buy a bigger bike next year. Any suggestions to make it go faster?

    • I am curious to know how far your motorcycle has been broken in or how comfortable you feel about riding it hard. Still, I ride at about 8k-9k rpms, which usually gives me 55-60mph.

      Depending on my weight, it maintains 55 or 60 very well with the 17-t front sprocket.

      Have you retested your top speeds?


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