How To Install A Phone Charger On A Motorcycle (Boom Vader/Grom Clone).

As I mentioned, I upgraded my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7 Dual-Sport Motorcycle, which made it more comfortable and reliable.

These improvements made me ride the bike for long distances from home. I solved my directional challenges by installing a cellphone holder on the motorcycle, but then I needed a way to charge that cell phone. FAQ: Can I Charge My Phone While Riding A Motorcycle?

Boom Vader motorcycle with new USB cell phone charger installed.
My Motorcycle USB Cell Phone Charger Installed On My Boom Vader Motorcycle. An Easy Install.

I came up with a simple and easy way to install a phone charger on the TBR7 motorcycle, and now I bought a second motorcycle—a Boom Vader Gen 2. My first motorcycle phone charger was easy to install, but I wanted to upgrade this charger to a dual USB charger this time. 

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So this time, I ordered a phone charger with a voltage indicator in blue, the same color as my bike, and a switch to turn on/off the phone charger option to prevent draining the battery when not in use. 

Although I upgraded the type of phone charger I installed, the operations were both essential and the same, and I wanted to cover those steps to install a phone charger on a motorcycle here.

My Steps To Install A Motorcycle Phone Charger.

1.- Motorcycle Garage Safety.

I was working around a batter made up of chemical cells that generated an electrical spark next to a motorcycle gas tank containing flammable fuel.  

Yes, I practiced motorcycle garage safety, and I wore safety glasses(with Readers) and took steps to make my garage safe.

FAQ: Motorcycle Garage Safety Rules

2.- Mount the Cell Phone Charger.

In both cases, I wanted the cell phone charger close to my cell phone holder, which was already installed on the motorcycle handlebars. So the cell phone chargers, too, were installed on the motorcycle handlebars.

Handlebar mount for cell phone charger mounted.
Cell Phone Charger Handlebar Mount

Following the cell phone charger instructions, I installed the cell phone charger on my motorcycle handlebar.

3.- Route The Cell Phone Charger Wires.

The goal is to connect the mounted cell phone charger portion back along the motorcycle. 

Now using my cell phone charger mounted to my motorcycle handlebar, I left slack in cable secured with some plastic wire ties. This slack will allow the motorcycle handlebars to turn left and right without pulling/breaking the wires.

Plastic Wire Ties.
Plastic Wire Ties.

Then routed the remainder of the cell phone charger wires back to the battery, securing the wire to areas where it won’t be damaged with plastic wire ties.

4.- Accessing The Motorcycle Battery.

Now both my USB Cell phone chargers weren’t a single piece, meaning there was a charger section and a battery section. So the following covers what I did with the battery section of the charging wires.

When I did this step with my TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle, I used a dedicator cell phone battery adapter I attached to the battery, so I will cover this first.

Your cell phone charger kit should have an adapter with a fused. This battery adapter had color-coded terminals that I matched up with the battery’s color-coded terminals, and red (positives) connected, and the Black(negatives) connected.

What To Do If You Have A Battery Trickle Charger Installed.

Now the cell phone charger and the battery trickle chargers use the same SAE quick-connects. Using standard connectors left me with options for installing the cell phone charger battery connectors.

I previously installed battery trickle chargers for my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle and my TBR7 Dual-sport motorcycle.  

Battery-side of battery trickle charger adapter.
Quick Connect For Motorcycle Battery Trickle Charger Compatible With My USB Cell Phone Charger.

Since removing my TBR7 motorcycle’s seat took a few steps, I kept my original battery adapter for my trickle charger dedicated to charging, exposed the quick-connect from under my seat, and installed another battery adapter for the USB cell phone charger.

Removing the motorcycle seat for my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle is easy, and I just use the ignition key, and the seat pops off. Because of this ease in getting access under my motorcycle seat, I decided to reuse my battery trickle charger adapter as my cell phone charger battery adapter.

Again both systems used the same SAE quick-connector adapter, so I saved a step with my Boom Vader motorcycle cell phone charger’s installation.

SAE quick-connects.
Ends of battery-quick connects on my Boom Vader Motorcycle.

I reused my Boom Vader’s battery adapter for my trickle charger to supply power to my cell phone charger. I confirmed the polarity using the cell phone instructions and the provided adapter to ensure the proper polarity.

4.- Connect And Test The Operation Of The Cell Phone Charger.

This is an easy part. Anything left in the steps to connect needs to be connected.

Cell phone being charged while in handlebar cell phone holder.
Cell phone charger actually charging my cell phone. Notice how I looped the USB cable.

Afterward, turn on the cell phone charger if there is a switch. My Boom Vader cell phone charger had a battery voltage indicator, and this display turned on when I flipped the on/off switch was a good indication. However only one actual test of the cell phone charger.

Can It Charge A Cell Phone?

Well, this is easy to find out. I got my USB cable for my cellphone, plugged one end into my motorcycle-mounted USB cell phone charger, and the other into my cell phone.  

Battery Levels.
Battery Charging?

And guess what? It worked. If it didn’t, I would trace out, looking for any loose connections, and examine the charger’s inline fuse condition.

Extra Steps.

  • Since I plan to use my cell phone every time I ride my motorcycle, I looped a USB cable around the handlebar and plugged it into the Cell phone charger. This way, when I drop my cell phone into to the handlebar cell phone holder, I can plug in the remaining free end and start charging immediately.  
  • With my Boom Vader, when I get back to the garage, I plan to pop the seat, disconnect the cell phone charger connector and plug in my battery trickle charger. This way, my motorcycle battery stays charged, and my USB cell phone charger doesn’t drain my battery if I leave the switch on.
  • Later upgrade, I added a GPS Motorcycle Speedometer to my Boom Vader bike. I use this charger to keep the speedometer charged.

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