Boom Vader Exhaust Gasket Size – FAQ

When I was looking to do exhaust mods( First Boom Vader 125 (A Grom Clone) Exhaust Mod! ) and exhaust upgrades( Basic Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade Instructions ), I knew the exhaust gasket on the Boom Vader was a one-time use, like the TaoTao TBR7 Exhaust Gasket( TaoTao TBR7 Exhaust Gasket Mystery ).

I ordered the wrong Boom Vader exhaust gasket size, and wanted to create this FAQ to help others.

Boom Vader Exhaust Gasket Size: 24.5mm(ID)x32mm(OD)

I ordered the wrong-sized Boom Vader exhaust gasket, and the size was so wrong don’t think I can call it a Boom Vader exhaust gasket.

In my defense, when I ordered my original exhaust upgrade parts for my little Grom Clone motorcycle, Amazon recommended the wrong size gasket to add to my order. I clicked on it, but I didn’t confirm the size by accident.

The wrong exhaust gasket size was 30mm (inside diameter) x 40mm (outside diameter), DO NOT order this one. This gasket works as a motorcycle exhaust seal, and without it, you will hear popping and might see flames around the exhaust piping gap.

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The correct Boom Vader exhaust gasket size is 24.5mm (Inside diameter) x 32mm (outside diameter).

Boom Vader Exhaust Gasket Size, for single use crush gaskets.

Click For Exhaust Crush Gaskets (32×24.5mm)

I ordered a box of these motorcycle exhaust crush gaskets since they are for one-time use, and I like to make modes for my motorcycles( TaoTao TBR7 Review & Specs & Boom Vader Review (First Ride on a Grom Clone). ).

I hope this helps, and check out my previous Boom Vader exhaust posts:

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