Hearing Protection: Motorcycle EarPlugs

Now you follow my blog, you know I am an over-thinker and often think the worse and try to prepare for it. I wear a motorcycle jacket for slide protection, with motorcycle armor inserts, great motorcycle gloves, and motorcycle boots, and now you know I wear hearing protection. I use simple earplugs when riding my … Read more

How To Install A Phone Charger On A Motorcycle (Boom Vader/Grom Clone).

As I mentioned, I upgraded my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7 Dual-Sport Motorcycle, which made it more comfortable and reliable. These improvements made me ride the bike for long distances from home. I solved my directional challenges by installing a cellphone holder on the motorcycle, but then I needed a way to charge that cell … Read more

Boom Vader 125cc Exhaust Review

I’ve been asked directly and indirectly, through FB groups and forums, what is the best way to upgrade your Boom Vader’s exhaust sounds first? First, I still have a stock engine, so my Boom Vader is still a 125cc engine, so the amount of sound the little machine can put out is minimal. However, the … Read more

My Chinese Motorcycle Exhaust Review

After owning two Chinese-made motorcycles, living with both stock exhaust systems, followed by upgrading them with new Chinese-made exhaust systems, I thought a quick review could help you. Let’s face it. As a Chinese motorcycle owner(TaoTao TBR7 and Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc), I follow forums, YT channels, and FB groups with other Chinese motorcycle … Read more

Motorcycle Clutch Plate Replacement Questions I Got.

When I was discussing my latest motorcycle clutch plate replacement job, some questions came up at work. The discussion revolved around how motorcycles generally have wet clutches while cars have dry clutches. But many of the questions came from people who only drive automatic transmissions. Let’s address some of those motorcycle clutch plate replacement questions … Read more

Motorcycle Clutch Plate Replacement Cost? (TBR7, Hawk 250, etc.)

I will talk about motorcycle clutches and their cost, covering all the known issues with owning these Chinese motorbikes. Getting Regular Motorcycle Clutch Maintenance Done One thing we learn from owners of a Chinese dual-sport motorcycle(Hawk 250, TBR7, Brozz 250, etc.), we have to become our mechanics. Chonda motorcycle mechanics typically don’t want to work … Read more

Replaced Boom Vader Motor Mount Bolts!

I wrote before about how I immediately messed up by not following the advice to change the stock motor mount bolts on my Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc motorcycle. I changed the stock motorcycle chain due to warnings about the quality of the metal. Still, I didn’t figure out the engine mounting bolts needed replacement.   … Read more

TBR7 Motorcycle Loose Chain Symptoms  

Now, take the time to read up about your TaoTao TBR7 motorcycles on the web and FB groups( Need TBR7 help? Upgrade Guides? User Support? We Got You! ). You will learn about the horror stories about the stock motorcycle chain failing and causing severe damage in their failure. Even if you upgrade the motorcycle … Read more

Motorcycle Ignition Switch Hard To Turn?

Ever go to turn on your bike, and ignition key wouldn’t turn? You end up fighting and cussing, asking why my motorcycle ignition is switched hard to turn? Been there, done that.  Now let’s cover what I learned about stuck motorcycle keys. Why Is My Motorcycle Key Not Turning? My TaoTao TBR7 Dual-sport Motorcycle Is a … Read more